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Protective Apron Cleaning and Care Instruction

Lead rubber is a very flexible and durable lead shielding products however, it still requires proper care in order to maximize its use and produce best result in term of radiation safety...

Getting the Best Fit - Form Download

Just complete the form below and we will create your customized protective wear...

Radiation Protection During Intenventional Procedures

1. Collimate

2. Stay away from the tube side

3. Stay away from the patient...

Comparing Lead Apron and Lead Free Apron

Materials with high atomic numbers and low densities provide the best attenuation...

Non-Lead VS Lead-based Protective Materials

while the non-lead material is equivalent to lead at the 90 kVp mark, it drops off at lower and higher energies.

Latest Lead Light Apron Catalog

Wrap round - Max Guard - EZ Guard  - Front protection - Full protection - Thyroid - Gonadal - Breast - Scolio - Lap Guard - Hand - Arm - Head guard