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People are exposed to radiation in everyday life from a variety of natural and human-generated sources. 

We provide radiation solutions particularly in medical, dental, veterinary and industrial NDT testing

No only supply product, our class "H"License holder is committed to advise you best solutions in various industries with risk of radiation exposure.


Established in 2007 in Malaysia, Eightfold Sdn Bhd aims the business in healthcare particularly on radiation protective apparels.

Support the regional radiation needs


  1. We do NOT just sell quality and affordable radiation protective apparels;

  2. We TEST the apron at local lab according with applicable standard.

  3. We record your aprons and remind you on annual apron quality inspection

  4. We continuously working with you on care of apron to ensure it last longer.


To be an entrusted business partner delivering added value to all stakeholders



To unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life, through provision of best possible innovative facilities, equipment, safety and security solutions to our customers and exceed their expectation.



E - To exceed customers’ expectation on products and services offered

A - To contribute to the advancement of healthcare technologies and standards

T - To provide timely, creative and alternative solutions to support clients’ business growth.