Lead Light Apron

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The Lead light is a kind of flexible lead protective products, which can be used to make all kinds of X-ray protection products such as protective apron, cap and screen barrier, etc.


The Lead light used by our company have many kinds of specifications and sizes. Adopting the cutting-edge technology, newest compounding and design, it has reached to the level of being lighter, thinner and softer materials compare to others.


It is to take note that in general, Lead light aprons absorb more radiation energy than the lead-free apron due to the excellent attenuation capability of lead. “Wrap-round” lead aprons are useful when medical personnel spend a lot of time with their backs turned away from the patient. 

According to a study on screen effect of lead rubber plate varying thickness to scatted rays in intervening operation area, the shield effect rate of the Leadsoft (0.25, 0.35mm lead equivalent respectively) to the head, chest, abdomen and the lower extremities was 94.2%~98.2% and 95.8%~98.5% respectively. 

Having evenly distribution of the lead, the performance of the protection is perfect. Under the normal use, the lead equivalent will not attenuate. It is wearable X-ray protective materials, lead equivalent rubber sheet.


Available lead equivalent option:

0.125mmPb, 0.175mmPb, 0.25mmPb, 0.35mmPb, 0.50mmPb (For apparel)

1.00mmPb, 2.0mmPb (For mobile screen or barrier)